Friday, April 22, 2011

Sent with Care

Frame with gift wrapping.

Personal note inclosed

Custom made cards

Your choice of ribbon : storm or coral

I've had many clients request that I send my prints directly to someone as a gift. Many times they have inquired if I could mat/frame and add a personal touch to the gift. I am now pleased to introduce gift wrapping and framing to my shop. Right now I am offering 3 different sizes of frames that fit my {5x7}, {8x10}, and {11x14} prints.

Price is reflecting : frame w/ mat, personal note, packaging


  1. Hi! I am super interested in ordering one of your prints. I'm wondering about the background color of the picture in this post - is this color called deep sea? Thanks!

  2. Yes, the color in the background for this print is Deep Sea. Thanks for asking!