Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Has Sprung & Weddings Have Begun

I don't know about you, but spring/summer always feels like wedding season to me. Maybe it's because I was married in the summer and spent all of spring planning for it. Either way, I just love getting announcements in the mail. I can't help but feel so excited for my friends and family when they find the love of their life.  Below are a few pieces that would be perfect customizable gifts. All are perfect for either a newlywed couple or those of us who are celebrating an anniversary.

All prints come in a variety of standard sizes, custom sizing is available upon request.
The above print was inspired by this. My husband was the brains behind the interpretation. He is a talented man with a handful of interests and skills {i.e. stenciling, silk screening, drumming, illustration, and many more}.

Wedding Typography "In My Life"

The above print show the lyrics to The Beatles hit song, In My Life, with the couples name and wedding date blended in the mix. Really this print could be replaced with the couple song upon request.

Custom Map and Stamp
This custom print comes from this with an additional touch of personalization. The stamp includes the couples names, wedding date and city of choice. Like my Home Is Where The Heart Is, you can pick any state, country, continent or world to have personalized.

Modern Family Tree
What better way to start a family than to explore your heritage. This design comes in different styles (canvas and poster) and different sizes, to find the budget of various shoppers.

Custom Temple Print
This is a way to remember the place you tied the knot. With 134 temples to choose from or you can send me a picture of your chapel or building of choice. {Please email me with the picture before purchase.}

::Special Note::

Enter to win in two giveaways. Here and Here. I don't normally overlap, but I couldn't resist the opportunity this time. 


  1. I love that print where you mark the city! Bookmarking your store now.