Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Landmark Crocheted Heirlooms

My grandmother has crocheted for over 75 years and now has her own Etsy shop.  Over time, she has given her creations to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  She also sells her items at boutiques or donates them to fundraiser auctions.  Currently, she makes baby afghans for newborns at church.  My sisters and I finally convinced her to offer her products online.  Now many more people will be able to enjoy the result of her long hours of crocheting.  So far, she has listed only baby afghans, but soon there will be toy balls, toy animals, pot holders (seasonal and year round), etc.  Be sure to visit her shop.

Ivory Crib Blanket 39" x 36"

Buttercup Crib Blanket 40.5" x 32"

Marine Crib Blanket 37" x 33"

Buttercup Crib Blanket 42" x 40"

Cotton Candy Crib Blanket 39.75" x 35"

Cotton Candy Crib Blanket 43" x 33"

Lilac Crib Blanket 43" x 41"

Ivory Crib Blanket 38.5" x 32"

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