Friday, June 19, 2015

my Responsibilites

My two older kids (aged 7 & 5) have been begging to earn dollar bills for months...maybe even years now. With summer in full swing and the begging not coming to an end any time soon, we came up with a deal. I searched and searched on Pinterest but couldn't find anything that fit exactly what we needed. So I took ideas from my favorite finds and created this blended responsibility chart. 

(Below is my left-handed-Hello Kitty tattooed-5 year old.)

My kids LOVE to color, so I made it b&w so that they could customize it to fit their style. We came up with a list of daily and weekly tasks together. After they colored their charts, we laminated it to get multiple uses out of it. After each task is completed, they get to check it off the list. At the end of each week, their allowance is determined on how many check marks they received.

After friends wanting copies, I decided to offer it here as well. To get your free printable click here or go to tab at the top of the blog labeled "free printable". Then right click and save!